World Change Makers

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World Change Makers Academy teaches social entrepreneurship to the 'Base of the Pyramid' and to vulnerable groups who have transformative potential.

We teach 6 modules over the course of 6 months with a play-learn methodology.

The topics in these modules are:

Leadership, Purpose, Empathy, Vulnerability, Human-Centered Design Thinking, Personal Finance, Rapid Prototyping, Value Proposition Design, Business Models, Theory of Change, Pitching and Storytelling, Adaptive Leadership,  Corporate Law 101, Governance, Financial Modeling, Sales, Digital Marketing, and Negotiation. 


World Change Makers:
Brandon's Story

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Before participating in the World Change Makers program, Brandon spent his days vandalizing his neighborhood. While he wasn't proud of it, he didn't believe he was capable of changing his reality.

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Brandon's Project

After learning about social entrepreneurship, Brandon was empowered to restore his community center. He renovated the building to make it a productive space for his neighborhood.

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Brandon manages the community center! The community center brings in university students to teach dance classes, singing lessons, and language courses to children and adults in the community.